About the Artist

Hello there! Lovely of you to be here.

My name is Shannon, I’m an artist, graphic designer and illustrator and or course an avid animal lover! My illustrations are inspired by my favourite pets, Charlie, Bella and Teddy 🙂

My mediums are primarily watercolour and ink, although I also love pastels, charcoal and pencil. I enjoy utilising a limited colour palette in multiple tones to create light, vibrant images with bright highlights. Most importantly though – I aim to capture the unique personality of the pet or subject I am drawing. Every pet is unique and has their own special quirks.

All my illustrations are hand drawn, unique pieces made especially for you on high quality watercolour paper.
Primarily watercolour and pen, but pastels and pencil occasionally if it can add something a little extra.
The Best Part?
The best part about pet illustrations is getting to know so many gorgeous furbabies!
8+ years experience in design & illustration. I aim to incorporate use of colour, layout and alignment into my art.

What I Do

Pet portraits, house illustrations and commission pieces.

I create each piece by hand and aim to capture your pet or home using my particular style of art and illustration.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, or you’d like to find out more about creating a custom watercolour pet portrait piece view the Purchase page, visit the Pet Portrait Gallery or email art@charlieandbella.com.au

Latest Projects